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TenGenix Male Enhancement Supplements

Just like you, there are thousands of people looking to get information about TenGenix, and we’re more than happy to give you everything we know about TenGenix. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, TenGenix has piqued the interest of many consumers looking for a reliable male enhancement supplement. In an industry where about 90% of all products are fakes or scams, TenGenix wants to make its mark as a genuine penis enlargement pill that anyone can trust – especially during go-time.

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What is TenGenix?

You already know that TenGenix is a male enhancement supplement, but it is male enhancement on its truest sense. It doesn’t just simply make you last longer in bed or more hungry for sex; TenGenix is the ultimate supplement to boost your sexual health.

Other male enhancement pills claim to increase an individual’s libido and sexual stamina. TenGenix takes it a full notch further with penis growth nutrients that are GUARANTEED to make your penis bigger. That’s right – GUARANTEED.

TenGenix was developed by a top-notch team of nutritionists and health experts brought together to create a one of a kind product that would solve all of the sexual health needs of men. The makers of TenGenix understand that libido and stamina might be the most basic sexual health needs of men, but many others are looking for far more than just libido and stamina.

When you purchase a bottle of TenGenix, you are purchasing the FIRST EVER CLINICALLY-TESTED PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILL. TenGenix contains the right blend of ingredients that are clinically-tested and PATENTED to induce growth of penile tissue. Sure, you may all think this is just a load of hot air, but when you do your own research, you will find out that many other supplement experts, critics, and users have tested TenGenix and reached the same conclusions we did –

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The TenGenix 10 Benefits

While other brands only give you a slight boost in libido or sexual endurance, TenGenix gives users a checklist of 10 benefits that it can help you with. Here are the 10 benefits that you should watch out for:

10 Benefits of TenGenix Penis Pills

These 10 benefits sets TenGenix from the rest of the other male enhancement supplements. TenGenix is the only pill that can deliver 10 targeted benefits that would support a man’s holistic sexual health.


We’ll let science give you the raw information and let you reach your own conclusion.

How many male enhancement supplements have you encountered that had been tested clinically and with published information about testing? Probably none. TenGenix made it a point that its tests and studies are legit, in order to build consumer trust. The TenGenix website has loads of information that would help you with all the information you need to draw your own conclusion.

How does TenGenix Work?

The core process of TenGenix involves a simple, yet ingenious solution to potentiate erections and make penis enlargement possible. It all involves blood flow. By manipulating the volume and pressure of the blood that flows to the penis, it solves two major goals – potentiating erections, and penis enlargement.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lot of factors, but many individuals who experience erectile dysfunction suffer from it because of two things - occlusion and stenosis. TenGenix solves occlusion and stenosis with ingredients that relax the smooth muscles that line arteries to dilate blood vessels in order to allow more blood to flow to the penis. While allowing a much larger volume of blood to flow to the penis, it sets another solution in motion – penis enlargement.

How TenGenix Works

Increasing the volume of blood that flows to the penile chambers is enough to make the penis bigger, but not significantly larger to be qualified as a benefit. To boost the penis enlargement benefits of TenGenix, ingredients that control hormones and libido are included. These ingredients activate neurotransmitters in the brain that signals blood vessels to contract and focus blood flow to the penis. This chain reaction, combined with the dilated blood vessels cause a systemic reaction that forces the penile chambers, or the corpora cavernosa, to expand.

In a manner similar to inflating a balloon, forcing more blood to the penis makes the elastic tissue that make up the corpora cavernosa to expand permanently, which results in a longer, thicker penis.

The makers of TenGenix made it a point that the effects of TenGenix are all chain reactions that contribute to the bigger goal of a holistic sexual health. The ingredients that control hormones and libido also prevent erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels, and it gives the individual a heightened sense of pleasure during sex. While this may not mean much for most people, the increased libido means that you enjoy sex more than you usually do. The ingredients that control the hormones also affect the firmness of the erections during sex, as well as the pheromones that you emit, which makes you attractive to the opposite sex.

Effects of TenGenix on Male Body

Although it hasn’t been verified through studies, many believe that frequent sex is also a factor in making your penis bigger. Your penile tissue is elastic, and it does have a tendency to adapt, depending on the volume of blood supplied by the arteries. The continuous stimulation of the penis that leads to an erection would only logically support penis enlargement. That’s why it makes sense to put together an ample aphrodisiac, combined with sexual stamina-boosting ingredients to prolong erections and as an added effect, it helps to make your penis bigger. In a similar way that strength exercises make strong muscles, the sexual stamina-boosting ingredients of TenGenix help make the penis enlargement effect permanent.

TenGenix Ingredients

Our report on TenGenix would not be complete without the complete details of its ingredients. Here are the top TenGenix ingredients that you should be aware of:


The main ingredient of TenGenix is responsible for dilating blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow to the penis. L-Arginine is more widely known as a nitric oxide booster used for bodybuilding purposes. For male enhancement and penis enlargement, L-Arginine functions as a vasodilator, which works by relaxing the smooth muscles lining the arteries, to allow them to relax and dilate. By performing this function, the inner canals where blood flows get wider, allowing a much larger volume of blood that flows to the penis.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is known as a testosterone booster used in many bodybuilding supplements. As a testosterone booster, Tribulus Terrestris helps support the effects of Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, and Maca root to take on sexual desire on three different receptors. By increasing the user’s testosterone, users experience a heightened sense of pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the key ingredient that binds all the TenGenix ingredients together. Tongkat Ali works in three ways – first, it acts as a PDE-5 inhibitor – a function similar to erectile dysfunction drugs Cialis and Viagra. As a PDE-5 inhibitor, Tongkat Ali potentiates erections and prevents erectile dysfunction. Tongkat Ali also works as a testosterone booster to increase libido and the secondary effects of testosterone, such as sexual endurance and pheromone production. Lastly, Tongkat Ali works as a free calcium blocker, which prevents the penis from going flaccid during sex.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is the fastest absorbing ingredient in the formula, which makes it a key component in the APEX (Accelerated Penile Expansion) Technology used in TenGenix. Muira Puama sets off a chain reaction that starts with an increase in testosterone levels. The increased libido caused by Muira Puama sets the right conditions to allow the other ingredients to reach peak effectiveness.

Maca Root

Maca Root is the ‘secret’ ingredient of the formula. In its right dosage, Maca Root could greatly improve the sexual health of both men and women. As Maca Root is dependent on dosage, the right blend of maca root was mixed with the other ingredients of the formula. Maca root in TenGenix works by balancing hormones to increase sexual desire and stamina. The inclusion of Maca Root is the key ingredient that makes individuals stay engaged in sexual activities after experiencing an orgasm.

Guaranteed by Science

TenGenix is the only male enhancement supplement that is fully backed by scientific evidence to support its claim. You can browse the website of TenGenix for actual clinical studies that pertain to the effectiveness of the ingredients used in the formula. As proof of confidence, the makers of TenGenix made it available risk-free by making TenGenix guaranteed for 30 days. In the off chance that TenGenix fails to meet your expectations, you are free to request a refund. How’s that for confidence?

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