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I’ve tried all sorts of male enhancement products. Pills, creams, pumps, you name it – I’ve tried it. I was about to give up on all of that until I tried TenGenix. After the first week, I can tell that there’s something changing in me. See, change wasn’t hard to spot if you’re born with an awkwardly small penis. After two weeks, I can tell that I’ve increased about ¾ of an inch already. I kept going and by the last pill, I had increased about 1 ½ inch in length, and about half an inch in girth. It’s the best pill I’ve ever had, and will buy another supply for the next 6 months. Thank you!

Andrew Nicholson - Palm Springs, CA

My only problem with sex is that I can’t do another round, and that leaves my wife very frustrated. I tried taking supplements which led me to have premature ejaculation, which made me and my wife even more frustrated. I saw an ad about TenGenix and went with it. From the first day I took TenGenix, already felt the difference. I was able to last a lot longer than I usually do, and what’s even more fantastic is that I can have orgasms for up to 5 times in one night!

Connor McAdams - Pittsburgh, PA

Here was my problem before – my penis was a genetic anomaly. It’s 6-inch long, but it’s as thick as a tootsie roll. It was more comedic than erotic when a woman sees it for the first time. I had to do something. I tried penis pumps that did nothing but to make my penis sore, and I tried other pills which didn’t work. A buddy of mine gave me a bottle from his 6-month supply of TenGenix. I had very low expectations, but after I saw an improvement I just went on with it. After the first month, I got an inch thicker, and about half an inch longer! 6.5 inches long and about 2.5 inches thick is pretty impressive, but I’m going with my gut. I’m ordering a new batch of TenGenix today!

Daniel West - Oklahoma City, OK

Here’s a tip for all the crazy women out there – give TenGenix to your husband/partner! My boyfriend has a pretty hectic schedule at work, and we barely have time for sex anymore. You can tell that he has ran out of interest in having sex every time he gets home. So I ordered a bottle of TenGenix and said that it’s a multivitamin that I’ve been taking. I made sure that he took it every day, and everything changed starting from the first night! He’s like a machine that can go all night long. Plus, I’m pretty positive that his thing downstairs got a bit bigger. It’s amazing!

Crazy Hannah - Miami, FL

What more can I say? I needed to increase my size, and thought that TenGenix was the best pill for the job. I took it regularly, and I wasn’t surprised when I got an inch bigger. I continued to use it, and I’m now on my second month. My penis is still growing, and my libido is just thirstier than ever. Not really surprised with the results. It’s all science!

Dennis McInnis - San Ramon, CA

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